7 Online Publishers Driving New Coverage, Content

7 Online Publishers Driving New Coverage, Content

Vox Media raised $46.5 million this week in a round led by General Atlantic. Vox Media owns multiple online publishing sites, including SB Nation, The Verge, Racked, and Polygon.

Despite declines in print publishing in the past decade, online publishing startups have emerged with multiple fundings and acquisitions, including $50 million for Buzzfeed in August 2014 and $50 million for Reddit in September 2014.

Using Datafox, we compiled a watchlist for online publishers. Below we feature 7 companies from the online publisher watchlist.

7 Online Publishers Transforming Coverage and Content

Vox Media is a growing online publisher, focused on the sports, personal technology and gaming categories. SB Nation, its sports brand, boasts over 30mm users per month across 300 individually branded sports communities, each covering a league or sport. Vox Media also launched The Verge, which covers technology, and Polygon, a site dedicated to news and community for fans of gaming. All Vox Media sites are built on Chorus, its world-class proprietary publishing platform.

Flipboard is a digital social magazine that aggregates web links from social networks and displays the content in the form of smartphone magazines. The company is focused on transforming how people discover, view, and share content by combining the ease of print with the power of social media. Flipboard was founded by Mike McCue, CEO of Tellme, and Evan Doll, former senior iPhone engineer at Apple.

Reddit is a social news website that displays news based on personal preferences and community likes. Reddit operates this system based on the history of users voting stories up or down. Reddit provides news, information, insight, and articles related to a wide range of topics and also provides features and services such as e-books, gaming, video clips, and more.

Business Insider is a business news website that publishes continuous real-time business information in financial, media, technology, and other industry verticals across their blogs (Clusterstock, Silicon Alley Insider, The Money Game, the War Room, the Wire, and Law Review). In January 2012, Business Insider launched BI Intelligence, a subscription research service that provides data and analysis of the mobile, payments, e-commerce, and digital media industries.

BuzzFeed is focused on delivering news and viral content across subject areas. BuzzFeed's analytic technology detects what is trending on the web and connects people with realtime, relevant content. The sitereaches more than 60 million monthly unique visitors. Jonah Peretti, founder & CEO of BuzzFeed, previously co-founded the Huffington Post.

Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the "Connected Generation." Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable has 40 million monthly unique visitors and 19 million social media followers.

Medium.com enables users to share and experience knowledge, ideas and stories. Medium is a personalized blogging site that allows users to post their writings of more than 140 characters with embedded images. Users ranging from journalists to amateur cooks create, post, leave notes and add recommendations on medium.com. The site also helps users find their targeted audience with less effort.

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