Blue Apron Competitors: Top 7 Companies in the Fresh Ingredient Delivery Industry

Blue Apron Competitors: Top 7 Companies in the Fresh Ingredient Delivery Industry

Blue Apron Competitors: Top 7 Companies in the Fresh Ingredient Delivery Industry

Similar companies to Blue Apron include Plated, which allows more flexibility in choosing recipes, and HelloFresh, which has more basic recipes and detailed instructions for newbie cooks.

Blue Apron's top competitors in the fresh ingredient delivery industry

Company Valuation Total funding raised Stage DataFox growth Score
Blue Apron $2 billion $193 million Private, Series D 1019
Munchery $300 million $124.4 million Private, Series C 1008
Plated Unknown $56.4 million Private, Series B 986
HelloFresh $2.9 billion $278.5 million Private, Series F 871
PeachDish Unknown Unknown Unknown 678
Gobble Unknown $11.95 million Series A 839
Home Chef Unknown $6 million Series A 789
Chef'd Unknown $5.25 million Series A 786

About Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a recipe subscription service that delivers pre-proportioned, fresh ingredients and recipes every week so that everyone - particularly inexperienced cooks and busy professionals - can enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals. Though a Blue Apron meal costs more than buying the ingredients from a grocery store, it's still cheaper than eating out at a restaurant. Though you can't choose which recipes you want, the service does allow you to set dietary preferences like no shellfish or vegetarian. Blue Apron is one of the most prominent competitors in the fresh ingredient delivery space: in October 2015, it delivered 800,000 meals and covered 85% of the country.

Headquartered in New York and founded in 2012, Blue Apron is headed by Matt Salzberg, founder and CEO; Ilia Papas, founder and CTO; and Matthew Wadiak, founder and chief product officer. The company has raised $193 million from investors including First Round Capital, Graph Ventures and BoxGroup; in June 2015, it closed a $135 million Series D round led by Fidelity Investments.

About the fresh ingredient delivery industry

Subscription recipe and fresh ingredient delivery services evolved to meet the needs of people who enjoy cooking (or want to show off) but don't want to spend time grocery shopping. Fresh ingredient delivery services find a middle ground between labor-intensive home cooking, which can be intimidating for new chefs and difficult for carless urbanites, and going out for expensive, often unhealthy restaurant food. Capitalizing on millennials' excess income and prioritization of convenience and taste over cost, subscription recipe boxes have exploded in the past few years.

To date, the industry has raised over $650 million from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and Khosla Ventures, with the bulk of that funding coming after 2013. However, the landscape is already littered with the corpses of failed subscription recipe startups, including Chefday and Fresh Dish. Some argue that the food technology space is just another example of a tech bubble. However, given the current funding trends, DataFox expects companies in the subscription recipe industry to grow in the coming years.

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