4 Ways to Search for Similar Companies with DataFox

4 Ways to Search for Similar Companies with DataFox

4 Ways to Search for Similar Companies with DataFox

Our customers — whether they're investors, corporate strategists, or inside sales teams — are often looking for quick ways to prospect and find similar companies. With DataFox, you can save time by using our Similar Companies Algorithm, which leverages our machine learning technology to identify competitors and build industry landscapes.

To find similar companies with DataFox, you can automatically generate a list of similar companies by leveraging the power of our Similar Company Algorithm or manually search for similar companies using Company Search and Public Lists.

In the below walkthrough, we highlight the 4 ways to search for similar companies and use Looker, which recently raised $500 million, as our example company.

Create a List of Similar Companies from a Company Profile

The quickest way to source similar companies is to go to the company's profile (let's use Looker as an example), scroll down to the "Similar Companies" box, and click on "Save Comps to a List" button. This will take you to a data table that includes similar companies generated by our Similar Companies Algorithm.

Visualize Similar Companies using Company Explorer

If you prefer to visualize the company relationships and want to find similar companies of Stripe's similar companies, use our Company Explorer. The Company Explorer includes nodes generated by our Similar Companies Algorithm. Click on each node to generate additional similar companies and rearrange the nodes however you'd like.

Search for Similar Companies using Common Keywords

Looking for additional similar companies, or curious about companies developing technologies that complement your target company? Leverage your target company's keywords and plug these keywords into Company Search. The search results will return all companies with these keywords: 

Leverage Public Lists to Scope Sectors and Source Similar Companies

Not quite sure where your target company fits into a sector landscape? Go to "List Search", enter your target company, and discover Public Lists including your company. These lists are created by other DataFox users and/or taken from expert sources (e.g. CNBC Disruptor 50). Public lists are often a good starting point for understanding a sector landscape:Are you an investor, corporate strategist, and sales rep looking to prospect similar companies? Request a free, 14-day DataFox trial.