14 Alternatives to RadiumOne (as requested)

14 Alternatives to RadiumOne (as requested)


Last weekend, RadiumOne fired its founder and CEO, Gurbaksh Chahal, after he pleaded guilty to battery and domestic violence relating to the beating of his girlfriend.

In the days since, there has been much conversation about the duties of board members, employees, shareholders, and even customers in response to situations like this, where a company’s leadership behaves unacceptably outside the office walls. Reporters Kara Swisher, Leena Rao, and Dan Primack were among those who weighed in with very thoughtful pieces that perhaps contributed to the Board’s decision to let Chahal go.

We received a number of inquiries this week asking for a list of RadiumOne alternatives. Enterprise Advertising can be a complex space, and many customers’ procurement decisions are driven by an effective inbound sales call, rather than a systematic mapping of alternatives.

A better way to uncover competitors than using Google search

At DataFox we build algorithms to uncover emerging sectors in real-time, applying semantic analysis to millions of documents in the vast public web to uncover companies related to one another.

Here’s a list of 14 companies related to RadiumOne. We ranked this list by “HR Score,” a composite measure of the track-record of a company’s leadership, its hiring rate, and LinkedIn following (which is a great proxy for ability to hire top talent).

So if management experience and hiring quality are important factors in your vendor-selection process - here’s your list of leads. The enterprise advertising space is very broad, so this list is not exhaustive, but should be a great place to get started. The top 5:

  1. OwnerIQ: path-to-purchase media
  2. Criteo: ad personalization
  3. Rocket Fuel: digital advertising technology
  4. Rubicon Project: advertising automation
  5. Triton Digital: digital service provider

For the interactive list of 14 companies in Enterprise Advertising, visit the DataFox watchlist here:[MouseOver nofp="6"]

The investors

Additionally, as an intellectual exercise, we had a look at the investors in this space. DataFox produces dashboards for any custom list of companies in seconds. This co-occurrence wheel shows that Northgate Capital has put the most capital to work ($265M), co-investing with Merus, Accel, Foundation, Mohr Davidow, IVP, and others.


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