10 Rapportive Alternatives

10 Rapportive Alternatives


Firefox and Chrome extension Rapportive was loved by it's users (even after it was acquired). But Rapportive Is All #$%@ed Up Right Now. TechCrunch said it best:

It was bad enough that LinkedIn bought the incredibly useful Gmail widget maker Rapporti"ve, which offers a lightweight CRM tool that shows your contacts’ social accounts and recent updates,then proceeded to rip out the functionality that made the thing popular in the first place. But now, they’ve somehow managed to make the widget even worse. As in, it doesn’t even work anymore.

You have Options.

We created a DataFox watchlist of 10 Rapportive alternatives that you can follow at the link below. We'll keep you up to date as there are updates in this space. Investors: this means funding announcement, acquisitions, and when companies make the headlines (lagging indicators) as well as leading indicators that may not make the news (like changes in headcount).

You’ll need to be logged into your DataFox account to see the watchlist (we offer a 30 day free trial), but  for now, here’s an overview:

10 Rapportive Alternatives

Rapportive Comps_Fotor

Which one is best?

That’s not for us to say; but we can provide you with an events feed of what has happened between the LinkedIn acquisition and this recent article from TechCrunch.

Rapportive Comps - Events_Fotor

As you can see, some companies were acquired, some made acquisitions of their own, and others like Ark and Xobni (Inbox spelled backwards) raised a new round of funding. It’s a unique group that ranges from revenue generating companies, to a Chrome Extension like Rapporto - which is the closest thing to Rapportive in terms of functionality (and name). Overall, investors are not shy about investing in this space. From the aggregated DataFox Investor Co-occurrence visualization below, we can see that Atomico, Khosla, First Round, and Cisco (amongst others) are co-investors.

Rapportive Comps - Investors

Now for the last bit of insight. If LinkedIn followers is anything to go by (higher LinkedIn followers suggests a stronger application pool of potential hires) it looks like a head-to-head battle between Rapportive and Xobni:

Rapportive Comps - LinkedIn

Will you be switching to (or are you already using) a Rapportive alternative?

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