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Reporting and Communication

Data for this analysis was provided by sales operations job postings found on DataFox. This is the fourth installment of our five-part Sales Operations series. The complete analysis will be featured in our upcoming Sales Operations Ebook. Pre-register for your copy today! Communication with and between teams is essential to

Quarterly Planning Essentials

Data for this analysis was provided by sales operations job postings found on DataFox. This article is the third installment of our five-part Sales Operations Series. The complete analysis will be featured in our upcoming Sales Operations Ebook. Pre-register for your copy, today! Territory design, account tiering, and account prioritization

How to Evaluate Sales Tools

For full audio from future Meetups, subscribe to the DataFox podcast. June’s Sales Operations Meetup, Evaluating Sales Tools, covered exactly how sales ops professionals sift through dozens of offerings, to find the best combination of technologies that fit their sales process and enable their reps. The panelists, Kendall Grant,

Startup Culture Values

How to Define Them and Make Them Real As our hiring pace accelerated at DataFox, I noticed interviewees would often ask a question like, “What’s the best thing about working at DataFox?” Since we interview in pairs, I’d get to hear one of my teammates respond. Their answer

Building a Career in Sales Ops

With experience ranging from sales operations recruiting, to overseeing operations management, to sales operations consulting, panelists at the Sales Operations Meetup Wednesday were well-equipped to hand out actionable advice for building a career in sales operations. The panelists, including RJR Partners’ Alba Holsworth, Optimizely’s Hiliary Robertson, and Candescent Strategies’

How to Find and Prioritize Accounts

Sales operations pros need a clearly defined ideal customer profile and target account list to operate efficiently. Prioritization is crucial to optimizing where sales teams spend their time. At the Sales Operations meeting Wednesday, panelists Stefan Castelán and Adam Harless addressed how they use existing CRM data — boosted by additional

What is the Inc 5000?

The Inc 5000, published by Inc Magazine, is an annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the US (Inc also publishes a European version). Eagerly followed by entrepreneurs, private equity investors, and sales reps alike, the Inc 5000 is the go-to source for high-growth companies. In this article: How

5 Common CRM Data Errors to Avoid

I don't need to tell you how much Salesforce account data errors can set your team back: the wasted time of a rep prospecting into an account that's already a customer, the gut-wrenching awkwardness of calling a VP of Marketing who'd moved on six months ago, the Sisyphean task of

The Day I Sat with Sales

When I started at Box, I joined a world of coding and hacking where we were solved hard problems and build cool products. Sales was a mysterious realm that answered calls, talked a lot and took pranking each other to a fine art. In some abstract sense I knew they

Scaling from 30-1,500 in SaaS: Lessons From the Frontlines

Kirsten Helvey is the COO of Cornerstone On-Demand. She joined the company as its 30th employee, and helped it grow explosively. In this Q&A with Jason Lemkin, she talks about how the company has changed, how to make sure your contributions are recognized, and the importance of customer

Marketo: Winning, IPO'ing, and Going Upmarket

Phil Fernandez, chairman and CEO of Marketo, sits down with Jason Lemkin to talk about what made his company so successful. They touch on market dominance, dealing with the competition and the difference between $10 million and $500 million in ARR. DataFox provides summaries of every single panel at SaaStr

Customer Success: Don't Make These 5 Mistakes. I Did

Customer success is becoming invaluable – as Byron Deeter noted, a 1% decrease in churn can lead to an extra $100 million in valuation down the line. In this panel, DoubleDutch chief customer officer Annie Tsai sits down with Gadi Shamia, COO of TalkDesk, to discuss common CS mistakes. DataFox provides

How The Hell Do You Get More Leads?

“No thanks, marketing team, I have enough leads already,” said no sales organization ever. In this panel, Meagan Eisenberg sits down with Emmanuelle Skala and Brendon Cassidy to talk about how she's scaled MongoDB's lead generation engine as its CMO. Skala, the VP of Sales at Influitive, and Cassidy, who’

Building an Epic Brand

Jeff Yoshimura is the master of SaaS stories. He was at Salesforce during the “No Software” picketing days, spearheaded a similar “#SubscriptionEconomy”effort at Zuora, and is now serving as VP of worldwide marketing at Elastic. In this panel, he talks brand-building with Jason Lemkin. DataFox provides summaries of every

How to Break Out and Really Scale

Dan Siroker, co-founder and CEO of Optimizely, reached $10 million in ARR with very little capital. They found evangelists easily and early, and took on Adobe and Oracle to become a dominant player in just a few years. So yeah, he’s pretty good at this. In this panel, Siroker

Morphing into a Rocketship: Learning to Love Sales

Mallun Yen, chief business and product officer at RPX Corp, moderates a discussion between two executives at Rainforest QA: Farlan Dowell, VP of sales, and Fred Stevens-Smith, its CEO. The two discuss a drastic increase in average contract value and building a sales team. DataFox provides summaries of every single

Sales and Customer Success: Where's the Line?

Sales isn’t a funnel, Gainsight chief customer officer Dan Steinman says, it’s an hourglass. And the bottom half is way bigger than the top. 90% of most SaaS companies' revenue comes from after the first deal is closed. Don’t just align sales and customer success, he argues;

Building Amazing Teams

Keith Rabois joined Square as its COO, and has gone on to hold executive roles at PayPal, LinkedIn and Slide. Now part of Khosla Ventures, he sits down to discuss hiring great executives, from recruiting in a competitive ecosystem to the benefits of a risky hire. DataFox provides summaries of

Running the Box Playbook: Even Better the Second Time

So it turns out Box is pretty good at marketing. They took something pretty unsexy and (for the time) hard to understand, and made it into a rallying cry. In this panel, two former Box employees – Anthony Kennada, VP of marketing at Gainsight, and Menaka Shroff, head of marketing at

What Makes a Great SaaS CEO

As the conference tagline notes, the first $1 million in ARR is always the hardest. But great CEOs can make it happen – and Jason Lemkin, along with Draper Fisher Jurveston partner Josh Stein, are here to help out. They discuss culture, scaling and the three breakpoints all CEOs hit. DataFox

Targeting the Big Guys: Account Based Sales Development

Account-based sales development is the new era of sales. Characterized by a small number of curated, cultivated prospects; working closely with marketing teams; and “land and expand” deals; ABSD is the next big thing. Lars Nilsson, VP of global inside sales at Cloudera, walks us through his ABSD process and

How to *Really* Sell into The Enterprise

Selling into enterprises is what levels up a SaaS business. But if you’ve only done SMB deals, it can be daunting. In this panel, Becky Brown, VP of marketing and communications at Intel; Lacey Bell, AVP of enterprise sales and digital marketing at Adobe; and Rodman Likes, AVP of

10 Laws of Building a Unicorn

Byron Deeter has seen his fair share of unicorns. At Bessamer Venture Partners, he sees thousands of pitch desks cross his desk – and sees many startups that fail after getting funded. After his years of experience he shares his insights on the ten qualities that unicorn companies share. DataFox provides

The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Pre-nicorn

The CEO’s and founders of three pre-nicorns – Ben Uretsky of DigitalOcean, Eoghan McCabe of Intercom, and Tiago Paiva of Talkdesk – talk about the road to success. From the importance of sales and marketing, to distributed teams, and inbound versus outbound sales teams. What’s a pre-nicorn? A pre-nicorn is

Building Sales Teams: How, When and Who

Founders looking to build their sales teams from the ground up have, understandably, quote a few questions. When should you start hiring a sales team? How many SDRs and AEs should you have? How do you structure territory, compensation and leadership? Mandy Cole, VP of Sales at Zenefits; Sam Jacobs,

The Second Five Years

Three startups, three very different paths to success. Ajay Agarwal, managing director at Bain Capital Ventures, interviews Raj De Datta, CEO and cofounder of BloomReach; Josh McFarland, former CEO and founder of TellApart and now senior director of product at Twitter; and Sameer Dholakia CEO of SendGrid. The four talk

PR Playbook: The Real Truth. How to Get It. What It Means

Are your pitches to the press getting ignored? You’re in the right place. Ed Zitron, founder of EZ-PR, moderates a panel with Erica Lee, CEO of Strategiclee; Sarah Frier, reporter at Bloomberg, Colleen Taylor, editorial director at Y Combinator, and Matt Weinberger, tech writer at Business Insider. The five

How to Specialize Your Sales Team so You Can Actually Scale

In this panel moderated by sales guru and author Aaron Ross, Bridget Gleason, Sumo Logic’s VP of corporate sales, and Don Otvos, Datahug’s VP of inside sales and sales operations, discuss the keys to building a strong sales team from handoffs to leadership structure to the ideal AE:

Whale Hunting: Negotiating, Handling, and Closing

Shep Maher, SVP of sales at Guidespark; Andrea Austin, VP of enterprise sales at InsideView, and Marc Jacobs, VP of sales at Greenhouse, discuss the difference between SMB and enterprise, buying processes, account-based marketing and more. DataFox provides summaries of every single panel at SaaStr 2016, all published within a

Benchmarking Your Startup

Tomasz Tunguz, partner at Redpoint Ventures and SaaS guru, sits down with moderator Connie Loizos, Silicon Valley editor at TechCrunch, to discuss what successful SaaS startups look like. What’s the investment climate, what are the hot verticals, and how can your business stand out? DataFox provides summaries of every

What’s Happening in the Markets: the Real Data

Danielle Morrill, CEO of Mattermark, has been analyzing trends in venture funding for years. And she’s here to tell us whether we really should be worried about a funding crunch – and what to do about it. DataFox provides summaries of every single panel at SaaStr 2016, all published within

Building – and Monetizing – a Partner Ecosystem

Three executives of successful platform businesses - Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, SVP of Partner Programs at Salesforce; Narinder Singh, cofounder of Appirio; April Underwood, VP of Product at Slack; and Ilya Flushman, general partner at Index Ventures and formerly of Dropbox sit down to discuss what makes a successful platform strategy, building

Big Arse Companies: Why They Buy from Startups - The Real Stories

In this panel, Jonathan Lehr, Managing Director at Work-Bench; Tom Carroll, EVP at RR Donnelley; Joyce Shen, Director of Emerging Technology at Thomson Reuters; and Scarlett Sieber, SVP, Open Innovation at BBVA talk about how big corporations decide to work with startups, and why. DataFox provides summaries of every single

Building a Killer Company in a Nonobvious Market

Aileen Lee, founder and managing partner at Cowboy Ventures, leads a Q&A session with three CEOs who have cornered under-the-radar markets: Andy Wilson of Logikcull, Scot Chisholm of Classy, and Daniel Chait of Greenhouse. The four talk funding, metrics and culture. DataFox provides summaries of every single panel

Driving SaaS Success Using Key Metrics

David Skok, general partner at Matrix Partners, and Alex Konrad, a writer at Forbes, give a primer on SaaS success metrics, including a description of unit economics, a deep dive into LTV and churn, and a more nuanced view of CAC. DataFox provides summaries of every single panel at SaaStr

How to Really Do Outbound Sales

Kathy Lord, VP of sales and customer success at Intact, and Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, chat with moderator John Barrows (@johnmbarrows) about outbound sales - when to start, how to drive big deals, and how to iterate and source new ideas. DataFox provides summaries of every single panel at

From Day 0 to IPO: What Went to Plan, What Most Certainly Didn't

HubSpot went public in October 2014, validating CEO Dharmesh Shah’s focus on content and inbound marketing. Here, he shares his insights on pricing, team composition and enterprise versus SMB customers. Over the next few days, DataFox will summarize the SaaStr 2016 panels. If you miss the tactical theater or

Journey to a Unicorn (And How We're Doing It Even Better This Time)

Scott Dorsey, former CEO of ExactTarget and current managing partner of High Alpha, talks about his journey as a founder to a Salesforce acquisition to an advisor for the next generation of entrepreneurs. His experience ranges from acquisitions, to establishing culture, to customer success. Over the next three days, DataFox

From 20 to 200 Employees in 24 Months

Jessica Mah, cofounder and CEO of Indinero, talks about growing her company at an insane clip. She’s juggled the pressure to grow 5x a year with the ideal of keeping company culture strong, developed and messaged KPIs and managed a dispersed team. Read on for how she did it.

Top 10 Learnings Going to $10 Million

Leo Widrich, CEO of Buffer, now boasts 50,000 paying customers and $8.5m ARR. In this panel, he chats with moderator BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital, on everything from analyzing data to learning from customers to the “bullseye” channel strategy. Over the next three days, DataFox will summarize

Learnings on Getting to 100,000 Paid Subscribers

Charley Moore, CEO of Rocket Lawyer, discusses the differences in testing, scaling and determining product-market fit when you have 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000 customers, plus what that means for experimentation and upsetting your customers. Over the next three days, DataFox will summarize the SaaStr 2016 panels. If

Building a Company-Wide Growth Culture

A former Dropbox executive and current CEO and founder of GrowthHackers, Sean Ellis knows a lot about building a company culture that supports growth. In order to experiment, bring in new ideas and build on those idea, you’ll need buy-in from leadership and a dedicated team. Here’s how

10 Things That Change When You Stop Bootstrapping

Kristen Koh Goldstein, CEO and founder of Scalus, talks about what changes when you finally raise funding - the pressure to hire fast, the struggle to maintain culture, and the risks management teams face. Over the next three days, DataFox will summarize the SaaStr 2016 panels. If you miss the

Building a World-Class Sales Organization

Dave Berman, president of Zoom Video Communications; Bill Binch, SVP of global SMB sales at Marketo; and Erica Ruliffson-Schultz, EVP of global sales at New Relic, sat down with moderator Jason Green (general partner at Emergence Capital) to talk about building a top-tier sales organization. They touch on hiring a

Customer Success: Upsells, Cross-Sells and Expansion

April Oman, Head Of Customer Success at Betterworks; David Obrand, COO at Radius Intelligence; Santi Subotovsky, General Partner at Emergence Capital; and Sarah Kokin Jacobsohn, Director Client Success Services at Cornerstone Ondemand sit down to talk about customer success - how to measure it, how to structure compensation, and how

Illusion and Reality in Product Market Fit

Alison Wagonfeld, operating partner at Emergence Capital, interviews Hiten Shah, co-founder of Quick Sprout, and David Cancel, CEO of Drift, on finding product-market fit. The three talked about focusing on the customer, how to hire in the early days, and the dangers of relying on friends and family as early

Inside Story Behind a $5B IPO

In an interview with Jay Simons, president of Atlassian, Jason Lemkin talks about going from startup to IPO. Atlassian, the company behind HipChat, Jira, Confluence and more. For Simons, going public is a mile marker - an important event, but hardly the end of a company’s journey. Over the

CXO Talk: Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite

In a live version of the popular CXOtalks, Michael Krigsman interviews Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. They touched on the differences between an early-stage company and a private one, and the power of being a services organization, and the three factors that ensure a company’s longevity. Over the next

New Relic's Lew Cirne: Scaling Even Faster the Second Time

Over the next three days, DataFox will summarize the SaaStr 2016 panels. If you miss the tactical theater or strategy stage, are networking on the ground, or didn’t get a chance to attend this great conference, we’ve got you covered. View all SaaStr 2016 panel summaries Special thanks

What Happens When You Buy a Super Bowl Ad?

It's hardly breaking news that buying airtime during the Super Bowl is expensive. Really expensive. But here's the five million-dollar-question: is a Super Bowl ad actually worth it? DataFox crunched the numbers to figure out companies actually see a benefit from advertising during the biggest media event of the year.

Mastering Account Based Marketing with Signals

This guest contribution comes from Craig Elias, creator of Trigger Event Selling™. Every single day there are thousands of decision makers who become dissatisfied with their current supplier and are prime pickings for those savvy enough to use account-based marketing. In the past, sales organizations targeted specific decision-makers at accounts

5 Tips for Managing Your Sales Pipeline

Successfully managing a sales pipeline is integral to any business, small or large, but it's not easy to execute. Thankfully, the boom in sales technology has made pipeline management much easier. We'll break down 5 ways to keep leads flowing and deals closing, and end with a chart that shows

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is more than just a trend in the sales world: it represents a shift from the idea of chasing deals individually, to strategically prioritizing and coordinating between sales and marketing teams. Read on for a definition of account-based marketing, an overview of key tactics and best practices. Definition

The Top 7 Research Triangle Startups to Watch in 2016

The Research Triangle area is a hotbed of intellectual capital, life sciences companies, and entrepreneurship - in fact, a recent DataFox study found Durham, NC to be one of the top cities to found a startup in 2015. With support from incubators like American Underground, top-tier local universities and large

List of 200+ SaaS Companies in Boston

DataFox has compiled a list of over 200 SaaS companies located in and around Boston, MA (including Attleboro, Cambridge, Brookline and Providence, RI). Read on for a description of 10 Boston-based SaaS companies including private funding raised, estimated headcount, and more. Preview our list of the 200+ SaaS companies in

7 Sumo Logic Competitors in Cloud-Based Log Management and Anomaly Detection

Who are Sumo Logic's biggest competitors in the log management and analytics spaces? We compare 8 of Sumo Logic's competitors, including Splunk, NexDefense and Loggly, and give some insights on the industry as a whole. Using DataFox, we compiled a watchlist of companies providing log management and anomaly detection services.

The Top 15 Inside Sales Pipeline and Analytics Companies: Sector Map and Competitive Analysis

What are the top inside sales companies specializing in pipeline and analytics? We crunched the numbers on companies like MicroStrategy, Tableau, HubSpot and more to figure out which ones have the highest potential for revenue growth, strongest management team and more. Our sector landscape includes 94 companies in this space.

The Top 15 Inside Sales Productivity and Enablement Companies: Sector Map and Competitive Analysis

What are the top inside sales companies specializing in productivity and engagement? We crunched the numbers on companies like Model N, InsideSales.com, DocuSign and more to figure out which ones have the highest potential for revenue growth, strongest management team and more. Our sector landscape includes 94 companies in

10 Fastest-Growing New Companies in the Inside Sales Engagement Sector

Which up-and-coming companies should you be watching in the inside sales engagement market? DataFox culled a list of 92 companies to find the startups founded after 2012 with the most potential. We've broken down the inside sales sector to help you find competitors and new prospects, find similar sales companies

The Top 15 Inside Sales Engagement Companies: Sector Map and Competitive Analysis

What are the top inside sales companies specializing in engagement? We crunched the numbers on companies like Yesware, InsideSales.com, ClearSlide and more to figure out which ones have the highest potential for revenue growth, strongest management team and more. Our sector landscape includes 92 companies in this space. Build

2015's Best Cities to Found a Startup Outside Silicon Valley and New York (and How They Did It)

Certain cities have a way of creating a thriving startup ecosystem with access to capital, affordability for pre-funded companies, and other founders who can motivate and mentor new entrepreneurs. A startup's location can have a major impact on its success, from getting face-to-face meetings with potential investors to affording rent

New Features: Chrome Extension, Google Sheets Add-On, & Enhanced Alerts

We've had a busy winter here at DataFox, and are releasing 4 new features that provide quicker, easier access to our data: Google Sheets add-on Chrome Extension Enhanced email alerts (like Google Alerts on steroids, without all the noise!) Downloadable funding data   Google Sheets Add-On Don't use data from

How Do DataFox Scores Work?

At DataFox, our mission is to provide data-driven business insights to salespeople, analysts, executives, and investors. One of our proprietary systems is the DataFox scoring system, which uses machine learning to quantify hard-to-define traits like financial stability and management quality, and most importantly, how those traits can predict a company's

The Top 7 Boston-Area Startups to Watch in 2016

Between Harvard, MIT, and other top universities; a thriving biotech scene fostered by premier hospitals; and the intellectual capital housed in Kendall Square alone, it's no surprise that Boston's startup scene is thriving. In fact, Cambridge and Boston took home the third- and fourth-most venture capital funding in 2015, behind

Munchery Competitors: Top 7 Companies in the Fresh Ingredient Delivery Industry

Similar companies to Munchery include Blue Apron, the 800-pound gorilla in the meal kit delivery business, and HelloFresh, which has more basic recipes and detailed instructions for newbie cooks. Munchery's top competitors in the fresh ingredient delivery industry Company Valuation Total funding raised Stage DataFox growth Score Blue Apron $2

Trends in Venture Funding in 2015

Despite a slowing in early-stage investments and the promise of equity crowdfunding, venture capital remains the key source of funding for startups. However, the money has not flowed equally between industries and locations. DataFox crunched the numbers on private U.S. companies that closed funding rounds between January 1st, 2015

Blue Apron Competitors: Top 7 Companies in the Fresh Ingredient Delivery Industry

Similar companies to Blue Apron include Plated, which allows more flexibility in choosing recipes, and HelloFresh, which has more basic recipes and detailed instructions for newbie cooks. Blue Apron's top competitors in the fresh ingredient delivery industry Company Valuation Total funding raised Stage DataFox growth Score Blue Apron $2 billion

Hailo Competitors: Top 3 Companies in the On-Demand Ridesharing Industry

About Hailo Hailo is a smartphone app that allows users to hail licensed cars or taxis without having to call a dispatching service. Unlike many other ridesharing companies, Hailo works only with licensed taxi drivers, and focused on an international presence early on. However, like Uber, Lyft and others, Hailo

Sidecar Competitors: Top 3 Companies in the On-Demand Ridesharing Industry

About Sidecar Sidecar is a ridesharing company that provides a consumer ridesharing and carpooling app, but has shifted to focus on B2B on-demand deliveries. Founded in 2011 by Sunil Paul and Jahan Khanna, the San Francisco-based company offers three services: Sidecar, the ridesharing app; Shared Rides, which offers discounts for

Lyft Competitors: Top 3 Companies in the On-Demand Ridesharing Industry

About Lyft Lyft is a peer-to-peer ridesharing company. Founded in 2012, the San Francisco-based company aims to connect people who need rides to drivers nearby. Lyft allows customers to hail a driver, set a route, pay, tip and rate their ride, all without leaving the app. It boasts a low-key,

DataFox for Sales

Take the grunt work out of sales. DataFox makes strategic selling easy. Built by salespeople, for salespeople. Our team of Salesforce veterans got sick of spending 11 minutes of prep work per call to make the right pitch to the right person at the right time. With DataFox, pre-call research

DataFox for Journalists

Journalists: receive a free DataFox research account. Become an industry expert in seconds. As a reporter tasked with reporting on an unfamiliar sector, you can easily spend hours reading old articles, using Google for competitive analysis, and poring through SEC filings.  DataFox’s free research platform eliminates the grunt work,

DataFox for Investors and Researchers

Discover under-the-radar companies that fit your criteria. DataFox’s natural language processor sifts through 600 news sources every hour to discover 750 new companies every day. Build a comps list in seconds with our Similar Companies Engine or save target parameters (headcount, keyword, location, etc.) and get notified when new

Money 20/20 Recap

Fintech took over Las Vegas last week. Here's our Money 20/20 recap. The 12,000+ attendee conference featured a hackathon-winning app for shopping on Apple TV, renewed hype around tech (not business model) innovation, and bitcoin vs. blockchain. Hackathon-winning team Replay took home the blue ribbon for their Apple

Uber Competitors: Top Companies in the On-Demand Ridesharing Industry

About Uber Uber is a San-Francisco based ridesharing smartphone app that allows riders hail and pay for a ride through the app. Unlike a typical taxi company, drivers don't always have taxi licenses, and can work flexible hours. An early entrant in the on-demand transportation space, Uber is credited with

StocktoberFest 2015 Recap: Can Big Data Bring Big Returns?

Over 300 high-profile individuals, from public market traders to promising FinTech startups, gathered in the famous Hotel Del Coronado conference room in San Diego on October 19th, 2015 for the StocktoberFest conference. Hoping to gain insight and connections otherwise unattainable due to geography or expertise level, StocktoberFest painted the landscape

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Recap

TechCrunch's 5th annual Silicon Valley showcase was this week. Here's our TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 recap. Highlights featured an Agri-Tech startup winning the Startup Battlefield competition, a focus on trends in healthcare tech and wearables, and a critique of music streaming business models. 25 startups competed for $50,000 in

Which Memphis Companies Made the Inc 5000 List?

Congratulations to the Memphis talent honored among 2016's fastest-growing private companies! Every year, Inc Magazine identifies the fastest-growing private organizations in America and publishes its list of the Inc 5000. Here are the Memphis-area companies that made the cut this year: Rank Company City 3-Year Growth Rate Industry 643 A1

Which Chicago Companies Made the Inc 5000 List?

Congratulations to the Chicago talent honored among 2016's fastest-growing private companies! Every year, Inc Magazine identifies the fastest-growing private organizations in America and publishes its list of the Inc 5000. Here are the Chicago-based companies that made the cut this year: Rank Company City 3-Year Growth Rate Industry 21 C&

Which Portland Companies Made the Inc 5000 List?

Congratulations to the Portland, Oregon talent honored among 2016's fastest-growing private companies! Every year, Inc Magazine identifies the fastest-growing private organizations in America and publishes its list of the Inc 5000. Here are the Portland-based companies that made the cut this year: Want to know which companies made the Inc

Which Iowa Companies Made the Inc 5000 List?

Congratulations to the Iowa talent honored among 2016's fastest-growing private companies! Every year, Inc Magazine identifies the fastest-growing private organizations in America and publishes its list of the Inc 5000. Here are the Iowa-based companies that made the cut this year: Want to know which companies made the Inc 5000

Which Naples Companies Made the Inc 5000 List?

Congratulations to the Naples, Florida talent honored among 2016's fastest-growing private companies! Every year, Inc Magazine identifies the fastest-growing private organizations in America and publishes its list of the Inc 5000. Here are the Naples-based companies that made the cut this year: RankCompany3-Year Growth RateIndustry 2298 DeAngelis Diamond Construction 158%

I Got 60 Cold-Emails in 7 Days. I Responded to Exactly None. Here's Why.

Lessons learned on writing the perfect "why you, why now" email.It’s always exciting for a startup to announce a new funding round. What a great opportunity to attract new customers, reinvigorate old customers (“I told you we’re here to stay!”), get on potential recruits’ radars, and generally

DataFox Raises $5 Million from Goldman Sachs and Green Visor Capital, Introduces DataFox for Teams and DataFox Conference Explorer

We're very excited to share that DataFox has raised $5M in additional funding with participation from Goldman Sachs and Green Visor Capital. These investors bring tremendous experience and a broad network to complement the continuing support from some of the best investors and strategic advisors in Silicon Valley, including Google

Why Our Sales Team Owns Product Just as Much as Engineering Does

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in sales at a startup is that you get to build a new product entirely from scratch. Even if you can’t write a line of code, you play a pivotal role in shaping the product roadmap, because you’re the collector

Startups at Pioneers Festival Paving the Future of Tech

Startups, investors, and media gathered at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna this week for Pioneers Festival. Pioneers showcased startups that are paving the way for the future of tech. Emerging companies at Pioneers ranged across multiple industries, including life sciences, robotics, financial services, and mobility. Who were the 26

4 Ways to Search for Similar Companies with DataFox

Our customers — whether they're investors, corporate strategists, or inside sales teams — are often looking for quick ways to prospect and find similar companies. With DataFox, you can save time by using our Similar Companies Algorithm, which leverages our machine learning technology to identify competitors and build industry landscapes. To find

Bridging Wearables and IoT at Wearable World Congress 2015

Hundreds of companies converge on San Francisco this week for Wearable World Congress 2015. These wearable and IoT startups will pitch the latest wearable and IoT technology to the media, investors, and potential corporate partners. Want to source and track wearable startups, register for a free, 14-day DataFox trial and

Which Companies Are Powering Customer Success Beyond Account Management?

If you work in the SaaS B2B world or venture capital, you’ve noticed a trendy new buzzword over the past couple years — Customer Success Management. An increasing number of companies are hiring Customer Success Managers, and more B2B companies are adopting Customer Success software packages. So the question becomes,

Hack B2B Sales: Prospect and Track by Geo, Sector, Headcount & Similar Companies

At Sales Hacker NYC 2015 April 30, 2015, leading sales teams will hear keynotes and presentations about the latest B2B prospecting tools and strategies. Our inside sales team customers love DataFox for prospecting new leads and building their ideal customer profile. With DataFox's powerful company search, sales teams can search

Discover Top Cybersecurity Startups at RSA Conference 2015

RSA Conference 2015 is taking place in San Francisco April 20-24, 2015. Attendees include cybersecurity startups, as well as executives from the corporate security world. The conference will tackle questions such as: "Are IT security personnel business enablers or roadblocks?" and "Are businesses willing to collaborate and share information on

Discover Top Ranked Healthcare Tech Companies With DataFox's HIMSS 2015 Conference List

Turbocharge your HIMSS 2015 experience with DataFox Conference Navigator! Don't waste hours populating spreadsheets with conference attendees and running endless Google searches to capture static information. With DataFox, get real-time data and insights like headcount, team members, recent fundings, and newsworthy events. In other words, let DataFox do the work

GoDaddy Competitors Eye IPOs and Fundings After GoDaddy's $3 Billion Valuation

GoDaddy Inc. raised $460 million during its initial public offering March 31. The domain name and registration company had a post-IPO valuation of $3 billion. GoDaddy was backed by private-equity firms KKR and Silver Lake Management, which acquired a majority stake in 2011. In the IPO, GoDaddy sold 23 million

Faster, Cheaper, Cleaner: The Promise of Battery and Fuel Cell Startups

Technology is nothing without power – innovations in fuel cell and battery technology are driving the servers supporting big data, autos transporting us to work, mobile devices directing our lives. As a result, the fuel cell market is expected to grow from 62,000 unit shipments in 2013 to more than

Clean Energy Startups Power US Solar Energy Market As Solar Panel Installations Climb

Investors are flocking to the solar energy sector for good reason. Since 2010, solar energy companies have tapped into nearly $39 billion in U.S. subsidies. A recent report released by Duke University details how North Carolina ranks fourth in the U.S. for solar energy capacity. The report's lead

Large Pharma and Startups Invest In $5 Billion Molecular Diagnostics Market

The “omics” revolution (proteomics, phenomics, epigenomics, etc), which emerged following the 2003 completion of the human genome project, has advanced the biological understanding of diseases and has changed how medical professionals treat diseases and determine treatments.cSpecific treatments are tailored for each patient based on their genetic structure, which paves

Large Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Startups Partnering To Develop Alzheimer's Treatments

Which pharmaceutical company will produce the blockbuster treatment for Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer's, which involves the degeneration of connections between brain cells and subsequent loss of cognitive functions, affects approximately 5.4 million people in the United States. Alzheimer's kills half a million each year and does not have an

Cancer Immunotherapy: Industry Analysis, Key Players, and Future Trends

In 2013, Science magazine named cancer immunotherapy as the biggest breakthrough of the year. With this breakthrough, global pharmaceutical companies, as well as emerging startups, are researching and developing new cancer immunotherapy treatments. Opposed to traditional cancer treatments targeting tumors, cancer immunotherapy targets and induces a cancer patients’ immune system

Quixey Completes Funding Round To Develop In-App Search

Quixey, a search engine for apps, raised $60 million in February 2015 from Alibaba, SoftBank, Twitter, George Soros, Goldman Sachs and GGV Capital. The funding will go toward developing Quixey's in-app search (or deep linking) solutions, which will improve the connectivity of largely disconnected apps. This funding round would be

Four eCommerce Trends Innovative Companies Leverage To Compete With Amazon

Business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales worldwide reached an estimated $1.5 trillion in 2014, according to eMarketer. And Nielsen reported that half of global survey respondents intended to purchase clothing or make travel reservations using an online device in the next six months. Despite the growth of ecommerce, some investors are

Miovision To Engineer Foundations of Smart Cities with Recently Raised $24 Million

Miovision, an Internet of things company, announced a $24 million ($30M CAD) funding round led by MacKinnon, Bennett & Co this week. The Ontario-based company says it plans to use the new capital to “expand its team and accelerate its vision of smart cities and cloud-based traffic management technology. Miovision’

Fetch Robotics and Competition Developing Robots for Industrial and Home Use

Fetch Robotics recently announced it raised $3 million in Series A financing from O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV) and Shasta Ventures. According to the company's press release, "Fetch Robotics will use the funding to bring their inaugural robots to market. The robots will provide solutions for the logistics and light industrial

Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference List of Over 160 Tech Companies

The Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference is taking place in San Francisco this week. The conference features presentations from more than 160 tech companies across the globe. At DataFox, we compiled a list of companies at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference. If you are new to DataFox,

DataFox on Fox Business

DataFox Co-Founder Bastiaan Janmaat joined Cheryl Casone on Fox Business last week to discuss how DataFox powers investors, analysts, and corporate development teams to find the next big startup and how startup peer-to-peer lenders are disrupting the lending marketplace: How to find ways to invest in the next big tech

Delivery Hero Massive Funding Round Shows Online Food Ordering Space Has Room to Grow

Delivery Hero raised $568 million last week in an investment round led by Rocket Internet, which also invested $149 million in Hello Fresh last week. Delivery Hero is a network of online food ordering sites, operating in 21 countries and with over 73,000 restaurant partners. While Rocket Internet has

Investment in Cyanogen by Mr. Softy Signals Banter About Software Giant Positioning to Go Up Against Google's Android

Cyanogen has raised what many have deemed to be a surprise amount of funding from Microsoft in the amount of $17 million. There has even been banter from observers who wonder aloud and in private if the move is Microsoft's way of getting ready to compete against Google's Android OS.

Mashable's Latest Funding Round Positions It To Advance Native Ad Use

Mashable, an online content publisher, raised $17 million in funding last week, increasing its total funding to $44.3 million. The round was led by Time Warner Investment and the funding round also included Updata Partners; New Markets Venture Partners; and Social Starts. Mashable and 5 Competitors Trying To Beat

ShopClues.com's $100 Million Round Latest Among Large eCommerce Funding Rounds

Headquarted in India, ShopClues.com raised $100 million in funding last week. ShopClues.com's online marketplace has attracted more than 85,000 merchants offering more than 10 million items to more than 5 million users. e-commerce's Face Constantly Changing Due to These Game Changers At DataFox, we compile and curate

6 Lexoo Competitors Connecting Lawyers and Clients with Online Legal Platforms

Lexoo, a UK-based legal services technology startup, secured $400,000 in January 2015 from startup catalyst Forward Partners and Jonathan McKay, chairman of JustGiving, a global online social platform for giving. Lexoo opened its doors in July 2014 and has since grown its user base 30 percent on a month-over-month

6 Companies Like ClassPass Trying To Stay a Step Ahead in Niche Deal Space

ClassPass raised $40 million last week to help fund its membership program for fitness classes. This Series B round was led by Thrive Capital and General Catalyst Partners. ClassPass previously raised a Series A round of $12 million in September 2014. 6 Companies Making Moves in the Deal Offering Space

DataFox Enterprise: The All-In-One Deal Sourcing and Monitoring Solution for the Technology Sector

For the last few months, deal-makers and analysts from select firms including Intuit, GE, and Box have seen better deal-flow than their competitors. As early adopters of DataFox’s new Enterprise offering, they’ve harnessed the latest in Stanford’s machine learning and data analytics to discover prospects, compare and

Acquisition of Premiumbeat.com Highlights Growth of Audio and Photo Stocking

PremiumBeat.com was acquired by Shutterstock for $32 million last week, putting PremiumBeat under the umbrella of one of the most popular photo and video stocking sites in the world. PremiumBeat  is a curated royalty free music website that provides exclusive, high-quality tracks and sound effects for use in new

Cyber Security Startups Decrease Cost and Complexity of Deploying Strong Authentication

When Jennifer Lawrence’s iCloud account was hacked and photos were leaked in August 2014, companies like Apple heard the call for using stronger cyber security authentication tools to protect their customer’s data. One such tool, which could have protected iCloud user accounts, is Strong Authentication, otherwise known as

6 Moovit Competitors Simplifying Travel with Transportation Apps

Moovit, a real time app that allows public transportation riders to plan their trips, raised $50 million in funding this week. The latest funding round was led by Sequoia Capital, Gemini Israel Funds, BRM Capital, Keolis, Vaizra Investments, BMW i Ventures, and Nokia Growth Partners.  Moovit's features include letting users

5 Lynda.com Competitors Offering Online Education Platforms

Privately held online education provider lynda.com received $186 million in a funding round led by TPG Capital, along with existing lynda.com investors including Accel Partners, Spectrum Equity, and Meritech Capital. Lynda.com indicated the financing will go toward potential acquisitions, growth initiatives, and continued hiring. 5 Lynda.com

6 App Annie Competitors Delivering Marketing and Mobile Analytics Solutions

Mobile analytics provider App Annie raised $55 million in Series D funding this week. The funding round was led by Institutional Venture Partners, along with previous investors including IDG Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Greycroft Partners. The new funding will allow App Annie to extend its customer base, as well

5 Verne Global Competitors Offering Data Center Solutions

Energy efficient data center provider Verne Global secured $98 million in Series D funding this week. The funding round was led by Stefnir, along with participation from existing investors including General Catalyst, Wellcome Trust, and Novator Partners. Verne Global indicated that the new funding will go toward meeting growing customer

7 MongoDB Competitors Building NoSQL Database Management Systems

MongoDB announced in a regulatory filing this week that it raised $80 million and is seeking up to $100 million in new funding. The regulatory filing showed the following investors participated in this funding round: Union Square Ventures; Sequoia Capital; and Flybridge Capital Partners. 7 MongoDB Competitors Building NoSQL Database

6 Rethink Robotics Private Company Competitors Building Industrial, Defense Robotic Solutions

Industrial robotics builder Rethink Robotics raised $26.6 million in Series D funding this week. The funding round was led by GE Ventures, along with Goldman Sachs, Bezos Expeditions, CRV, Highland Capital Partners, Sigma Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Two Sigma Ventures. 6 Rethink Robotics Competitors Building Industrial, Defense Robotic

6 Companies Like Red Ventures Driving Marketing and Sales with Data Analytics

Marketing and sales service firm Red Ventures raised $250 million in funding this week. The funding round was led by Silver Lake Partners. Red Ventures leverages its wealth of data about customer behaviors to manage the customer acquisition process from launching paid search campaigns to handling customer calls. 6 Companies

4 Blue Box Competitors Developing Private Cloud Services

OpenStack cloud provider Blue Box raised $4 million in additional funding this week. Blue Box received $10 million in funding in October 2014 from various investors including Voyager Capital, Founder Collective, and an unnamed investor. 4 Blue Box Competitors Developing Private Cloud Services At DataFox, we compile and curate watchlists

Top 5 Enterprise Software Companies To Watch In 2015

DataFox Top 5 Enterprise Software Companies To Watch For In 2015 At DataFox, we compile and curate watchlists across sectors, regions, and popular lists of top companies (e.g., Inc. 500). From the Enterprise Software Watchlist, we feature five companies below: Appirio is an information technology consulting company that accelerates

Top 5 Cybersecurity Private Companies of 2014

DataFox Top 5 Cybersecurity Startups in 2014 At DataFox, we compile and curate watchlists across sectors, regions, and popular lists of top companies (e.g., Inc. 500). From the Cybersecurity Watchlist, we feature five companies below: AtHoc provides enterprise-class alerting software for physical security, force protection, personnel accountability and critical

10 Tech IPOs To Watch For In 2015

Hortonworks and New Relic's share prices soared on the first day of trading Friday. Hortonworks (HDP) and New Relic's stock prices closed above their initial trading prices 65% and 47%, respectively. The first day trading success of both companies is fueling interest in tech IPO candidates for 2015. A few

8 Internet of Things Startups That Raised Funds in 2014

Misfit Wearables raised $40 million in Series C funding last week. Misfit Wearables' funding round was led by GGV Capital, along with Jingdong, Norwest Venture Partners, Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, Horizons Ventures, Shunwei China Internet Fund, and Xiaomi. Misfit Wearables plans to use the additional capital to further develop products

7 Online Publishers Driving New Coverage, Content

Vox Media raised $46.5 million this week in a round led by General Atlantic. Vox Media owns multiple online publishing sites, including SB Nation, The Verge, Racked, and Polygon. Despite declines in print publishing in the past decade, online publishing startups have emerged with multiple fundings and acquisitions, including

HealthBeat Startups Have Raised Over $82 Million

HealthBeat, VentureBeat's healthcare technology conference, wrapped up yesterday in San Francisco. HealthBeat gave various healthcare startups the opportunity to showcase their technology to healthcare CEOs, scientists, and other leading thinkers. Using the DataFox platform, we compiled a DataFox list of the HealthBeat startups that have raised more than $68 million

DataFox Beta Launch

Our founders came together at Stanford in 2013 after working in enterprise software, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and growth equity. We started building DataFox so analysts like us could focus on meaningful analysis – not copying and pasting. Today we're thrilled to launch the fruits of 18 months of labor: a

Injecting Fun into Work & Learning: The Lucrative Approach of Gamification

Traditional game mechanics are being applied to many business and learning applications. Discover why this trend is increasing, as well as 3 successful startups implementing this strategy. An increasing number of startups are integrating a gamification methodology into their products - the use of game thinking and game mechanics to

A World Without Passwords: How Biometrics are Changing Digital Security

As phone and computers add new camera, accelerometer and sensor technologies, it opens the doors for the integration of advanced biometrics in the personal computing and consumer electronics space. The Biometrics Research Group has projected that the global biometrics market may grow from its 2012 estimated value of $7 billion

10 Rapportive Alternatives

Firefox and Chrome extension Rapportive was loved by it's users (even after it was acquired). But Rapportive Is All #$%@ed Up Right Now. TechCrunch said it best: It was bad enough that LinkedIn bought the incredibly useful Gmail widget maker Rapporti"ve, which offers a lightweight CRM tool that shows

Combining Silicon Valley Technology with Wall Street Heuristics

Venture capitalists are catching on to something their later-stage counterparts have been doing for years: sourcing deals from obscure signals that tend to correlate with revenue growth. This post, by DataFox co-founder Bastiaan Janmaat, was originally published on VentureBeat. Large growth equity investors have long used the “smile and dial”

Google Ventures Backed Healthcare Technology Startups to Watch

Google Ventures is making significant investments in Life Science companies -an indication of the explosive growth potential of this tech sector. According to industry tracker, Dow Jones VentureSource, venture capital investment last quarter was the highest since the peak of the dotcom boom in 2000. Investors poured a total of

DataFox Walkthrough: Find the Next Unicorn

With our latest DataFox update, we're making it faster than ever to discover emerging companies poised for success - in any industry! Here at DataFox, we are constantly refining and improving the platform's searching and screening capabilities to make finding the next great companies as easy and intuitive as possible.

Finding Treasure in Deep Seas of Data: Web Analytics Services

When picking a web analytics platform for your site, or as an investment opportunity, what questions should you be asking and which services lead the pack? In an earlier post on 'Big Data: Picking a Horse' we discussed winners and stragglers in the Big Data space. Closely related is the

SharesPost 100 Update: The Leading Late-Stage Venture Backed Companies

Discover which companies have recently been added and removed from the SharesPost 100, a ranking of the top venture backed private companies. Back in March, SharesPost and NASDAQ launched their Private Markets initiative, with SharesPost assembling the SharesPost 100 of top late-stage venture-backed private companies, which we examined here on

Which Food Subscription Companies Have Been the Most Successful?

Many startups are tackling food delivery, providing a box of edibles to your doorstep for a subscription fee. How are these businesses doing and which have been the most successful? One of the early leaders in this space is British snack box company, Graze. The success of Graze, which started

DataFox on Bloomberg TV

DataFox Co-Founder and CEO Bastiaan Janmaat was invited onto Bloomberg TV last week to discusses the origin of DataFox and the application of big data to ranking private companies. The segment, which originally aired on June 24th, was shortly after the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz announced a $90 million

Practice Fusion and the Rise of Healthcare Information Technology

The healthcare information technology sector is booming with the development of new software applications to manage and track patient data. The Healthcare Information Technology sector has been growing both steadily and rapidly over the past decade. As powerful new hardware is developed to make diagnosis and management of a host

KickStarter, RockThePost and the Future of Crowdsourced Startup Investing

A new crop of companies aims to legitimize crowdfunding as a way for tech startups to earn their first round of capital. Raising capital for startups has always been both tedious and nerve-wracking. After initial investment of their own capital, entrepreneurs may turn to family and friends for further rounds

Agribotics: Robotics Is Forever Changing Traditional Food Production

From out of the labs and into the field, the development of advanced robotic technology and software applications is setting the stage for a future of automated crop production - agribotics. The mechanization of the food industry is nothing new to investors or the general public...but the rise of

Financial Technology: DataFox Industry Snapshot

Shifts in regulation, advancements in technology and customer demand are all driving the current explosion in the financial technology (FinTech) space. The Financial Services sector has historically been reasonably traditional in many of its practices and largely dominated by large incumbent multinational firms formed through rounds of consolidation. However, following

What do the top 10 billion-dollar tech startups have in common?

What do the top 10 billion-dollar tech startups have in common? Founders Fund, San Francisco, and high DataFox Quality Scores Fortune profiled the top 10 billion-dollar tech “startups” - companies still privately held - and their impressive founders. We created a DataFox Watchlist to learn more about this group: Founders

Last Mile Logistics: Amazon vs Fedex vs Startups

Amazon joins numerous startups in building delivery networks to disrupt Fedex and UPS. Stung by delivery delays last Christmas, Amazon has been testing its own last mile delivery service. In a move that could harm its current shipping partners, Amazon has built out a fleet of delivery trucks in test-markets

Biotechnology: Industry Analysis, Key Players & Future Trends

Now may be the perfect time to invest in the biotech industry. Here's why... Due to the the R&D intensive nature of the product development process, the biotech industry has long struggled to achieve aggregate profitability. The lengthy road to product commercialization and weak recent IPO market means

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For - DataFoxed

Each year Fortune partners with Great Places to Work to publish the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. Google tops the 2014 list for the 4th year in a row - but we wouldn't expect the distinction to help their recruiting efforts too much... Everybody already knows that Google

Mergers, Acquisitions and the Internet of Things

Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the public on January 9, 2007. Not long after, an entire product category was redefined. Gadgets are now software-enabled hardware, and the smartphone is the remote to the Internet of Things. Nest reinvented the thermostat. Where people saw a commodity, Nest saw an opportunity.

What Happens Next?

Without knowing the X or Y axis of this chart, what do you think will happen next? I'm not an equities expert or an investment advisor of any kind. I think this actually helps me to step away from the calculator and the regressions. When learning about regressions, I always

My GoogleFinance + Docs Mashup Stock Tracker

Did you know that you can build an automated stock tracker in Google Spreadsheets, using a little-known GoogleFinance() function? Quick Summary: There is a function in Google Spreadsheets that lets you pull a stock's price and other stats, automatically pulling current market data into your spreadsheets. This =GoogleFinance() function is