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Our founders came together at Stanford in 2013 after working in enterprise software, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and growth equity. We started building DataFox so analysts like us could focus on meaningful anal…

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DataFox Co-Founder and CEO Bastiaan Janmaat was on CNBC this week!

The Squawk Box crew asked about the applications of Big Data to the world of investing; and had some interesting questions about our scoring algorithms. The 3 minute video is embedded below - but can the most interesting point be summed up in a tweet?

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For context - Uber ( is the highest rated company in our database when it comes to the sharing economy. You can follow the Sharing Economy sector list that was discussed on the air (login required). You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. Another option is tweeting @datafoxco and we'll send you some screenshots.

Here is the video:

Analysts, you can now cross "make use of Big Data" off the bucket list!

DataFox Twitter

[vcrow][vccolumn width="1/1"][vccolumntext]DataFox Co-Founder and CEO Bastiaan Janmaat was invited onto Bloomberg TV last week to discusses the origin of DataFox and the application of big data to ranking private companies.

The segment, which originally aired on June 24th, was shortly after the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz announced a $90 million infusion of Series A capital in Tanium (, a company that is revolutionizing the way the IT environment is managed, and more importantly; is enabling enterprises to respond - or prevent - cyber attacks in real-time.  For people who had never heard of Tanium prior to the funding announcement, and for others who are not too familiar with the Enterprise Systems Management space, it was a good opportunity to put our algorithms to work and demonstrate how DataFox can quickly illuminate a sector - with a live demo on the air. The video is about 5 minutes long and the demo is towards the end.

If you've only recently found out about DataFox, the Bloomberg segment provides a great overview for what we do and is well worth the watch.[/vccolumntext][/vccolumn][/vcrow]