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The SharesPost 100: Soon to be Traded on NASDAQ Private Markets

SharesPost 100 List SharesPost and NASDAQ partnered to launch NASDAQ Private Markets this week, bringing more liquidity to an increasingly efficient private market. To give us all a glimpse of the types of companies that could become investable through the platform, even ahead of their inevitable IPOs, SharesPost assembled the SharesPost 100, a list of the very best late-stage venture-backed private growth companies. Criteria used in building the list include revenue growth, market potential, product stage, management team, and investor quality - many of the same variables that we measure at DataFox. Four of the top 100 have already submitted their S-1 form, one hasn't quite squared up to the market yet, and a handful are preparing for their public unboxing later this year. Other honorable mentions include:

  • SoundCloud (will IPO when Spotify is ready)
  • Spotify (will IPO when SoundCloud is ready)
  • Airbnb & Uber (will IPO in spectacular fashion - analysts expect next year)
  • DocuSign & LegalZoom (merger candidates?)

We created a DataFox watchlist of the SharesPost 100. Below you will a graphical representation of the companies in the SharesPost100, along with their age and quality (click the image to expand). In addition, we've included a sortable table with each company and their DataFox finance score. For even more info click here to see a Google Spreadsheet aggregating DataFox's data for the SharesPost 100. SharesPost100 [table id=1 /]