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Money 20/20 Recap

Fintech took over Las Vegas last week. Here's our Money 20/20 recap.

The 12,000+ attendee conference featured a hackathon-winning app for shopping on Apple TV, renewed hype around tech (not business model) innovation, and bitcoin vs. blockchain.

20151025 - Money 2020

Hackathon-winning team Replay took home the blue ribbon for their Apple TV shopping app, but Switch, Pagey, Locket, and Sashi all took home $20,0000 apiece.

Today's fintech darlings rely on their innovations in the tech realm, rather than the business world. In other words, bankers and MBAs aren't required to disrupt fintech - technology is more likely to be the backbone of the next wave of disruptors.

Alex Rampell may have summed up this idea best in one simple tweet:

Finally, the fintech world is starting to show some signs in the bitcoin and blockchain space. Discussions of the two ideas dominated the conference, which mirrors recent investment trends:

Hope you enjoyed our Money 20/20 recap! If you're interested in learning more about the sponsors, speakers, or exhibitors, check out our Money 20/20 lists on DataFox.