How Do You Scale an Account-Based Marketing Strategy?

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One of the hallmarks of account-based marketing is personalization: a careful pitch tailored to the prospect's needs and sent at exactly the right moment. Given the extra work needed to capture a client's attention, is it possible to scale up an ABM strategy? We think so. Here are three ways DataFox enables personalization at scale.

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1. Instant prospect lists, tailored to your ideal customer

Account-based marketing is all about choosing the right high-value prospects. You don't want to invest time and resources on someone who's unlikely to convert. Fortunately, you have a ready-made customer archetype: your existing customers. DataFox uses your current customers to generate lists of similar companies that you can filter by location, headcount and revenue. Here's an example - let's say you just sold to Looker. With DataFox, you can build a list of 50 similar companies with just one click, and then sort and filter to fit your criteria.

Our artificial intelligence algorithms identify similar companies based not just on classification, but by keywords, shared news mentions, and more. Give us one of your customers, and we'll build you a robust prospect list in seconds.

2. Automated alerts for sales triggers

DataFox helps you prioritize your target accounts quickly by sending you automated, daily alerts of sales triggers, such as:

  • A company you're tracking just hired a VP of Sales
  • Two new companies fit your headcount and location criteria
  • The CEO of one of your prospects just won an award

Let's face it: sitting on Google News and waiting for updates on thousands of companies just doesn't work. DataFox allows for personalized calls at scale by finding the companies that should be on your radar right now, and giving you conversation starters in the process.

3. Cleaned and enriched data

Account-based marketing doesn't end when a customer signs on the dotted line - you need to be on the lookout for upsell opportunities, chances to build loyalty, or potential evangelists to help bring in new customers. DataFox helps you stay on top of your accounts with seamless Salesforce integrations, squeaky-clean data and notifications when you should reach out to your existing accounts. As your customer base grows, DataFox can help you stay engaged and get the most out of each one.

DataFox enables account-based marketing at an unprecedented volume. Register for a 14-day free trial to see how.