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Guardant and Competitors are Developing Alternative Ways of Identifying Cancer.

Guardant Health announced that it has raised $50 million in Series C funding for its biopsy-free blood cancer screening test Guardant360. Guardant360 is the first product on the market to test for breast, lung, skin, colorectal or prostate cancer in real-time using a blood instead of a biopsy procedure.

Guardant and 6 Competitors Developing Alternative Ways to Track and Treat Cancer.

At DataFox, we compile and curate watchlists across sectors, regions, and popular lists of top companies (e.g., Guardant Competitors). We feature Guardant and 6 other private companies focusing on health diagnostics.

Guardant Health is committed to positively and significantly impacting patient health through technology breakthroughs that pointedly address long-standing. The startup launched Guardant360, its first commercially available blood cancer screening product, about a year ago. This is a biopsy-free test built on proprietary DNA sequencing.

Parabase Genomics is a molecular diagnostics company developing next generation sequencing based tests for use in neonatal and pediatric diagnostic.

Foundation Medicine plans to create clinical diagnostic tests that can use the latest in genetic sequencing technology to identify personalized cancer therapies for patients.

RainDance Technologies is making complex genetics simple. The company’s ultra-sensitive genomic tools enable better research of novel non-invasive Fluid Biopsy™ applications that should result in more accurate, reliable, cost-effective and early detection of cancer, inherited and infectious diseases. Major research institutions and laboratories around the world rely on RainDance systems’ performance.

  • DataFox Score: 1015
  • Location: Billerica, MA
  • Total Funding: $115million
  • Recent Funding: $16.5 million in March 2014
  • Investors: Northgate Capital; GE Ventures

NABsys is a life sciences company working at the intersection of physics, biology, and computer science to revolutionize medicine through clinical-grade whole-genome DNA sequencing. NABsys is one of five companies to receive a Genome award from the National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health.

  • DataFox Score: 1039
  • Location: Providence, RI
  • Total Funding: $84.3 million
  • Recent Funding: $25.5 million in August 2014
  • Investors: None Listed

Appistry is bringing the power of genomics to next-generation medicine by making genomics data easier for researchers and clinicians to act on. Appistry CloudDx provides cost-effective access to established, laboratory developed tests so that clinically relevant genomics-based information can be usable by any physician, anywhere. Appistry also empowers researchers by providing world-class bioinformatics tools, cloud services, and software that streamline the analysis of next-generation sequencing data and provide easy scale for moving research-developed pipelines into production bioinformatics tools, cloud services, and software that streamline the analysis of next-generation sequencing data and provide easy scale for moving research-developed pipelines into production.

  • DataFox Score: 989
  • Location: St Louis, MO
  • Total Funding: $54.23 million
  • Recent Funding: $200 000 in September 2013
  • Investors: None Listed

ZS Genetics sequencing technology approach provides advantages that are critical to the needs of researchers to drive the next round of discovery: single molecule data and very long molecule (long read) capabilities.

  • DataFox Score: 962
  • Location: Wakefield, MA
  • Total Funding: $2.44 million
  • Recent Funding: $100 000 in May 2014
  • Investors: None Listed