DataFox's Conference Explorer Boosts Account-Based Marketing

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Our 1,000+ event database eliminates hours of tedious conference prep.

As conference season comes to a close, marketing budget planning for 2016 is underway. Data-driven B2B approaches have sparked the emergence of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) as a top priority for 2016. ABM uses data on existing accounts to identify new prospects and hunt target accounts as an organization rather than as individual leads. With 14% of B2B marketing budgets going towards conferences and trade shows in 2015, we expect companies to continue prioritizing field events in 2016 as part of their ABM initiatives.

As a result, we’re unveiling Conference Explorer, a tool that eases the painful task of conference prep as event-based prospecting becomes increasingly crucial to sales and marketing teams. Our lead intelligence platform combines conference data with a company database to help you find, prioritize, and track target accounts. Our end-to-end tool helps our customers leverage the rising conference industry as they move towards account-based marketing.

ABM On The Rise

While still a fledgling concept - Google Trends show ABM first hitting headlines just 9 months ago - a recent survey from LeanData found that over 80% of B2B companies now view ABM as a priority.

Google trends for "Account-Based Marketing"

According to Jon Miller, ABM evangelist and founder of ABM platform Engagio, key ABM tactics include “[S]electing and prioritizing account lists, generating new contacts, gathering account intelligence, building account plans, running field-marketing events, prospecting into new relationships, and engaging accounts online.” These best practices are still evolving, but a new wave of technology is emerging to support ABM efforts.

With Conference Explorer, we unlock four new ways for you to apply ABM tactics to your outreach strategy:

  1. Learn when prospects will attend a conference with our account-based alert engine
  2. Discover how many of your target accounts will be at any given conference using our VLookup Killer
  3. Identify companies similar to your closed and target accounts using our Similar Companies algorithm
  4. Inform your personalized outbound efforts real-time account intelligence at your fingertips

Many of our customers in marketing and sales are looking for ways to “ride the ABM wave,” so we are eliminating painful grunt work using predictive intelligence & algorithms to help automate the prospecting process for conferences.

Conferences In A Supposedly Digital Age

Each year in the U.S. alone, salespeople and researchers sift through data on 10,900 tradeshows and 27 million attendees to find prospects. It’s no wonder that the U.S. conference industry is experiencing a 44% boom in job growth. However, these lucrative conferences require an average of 8 hours of tedious prep work apiece - effort that can usually be split into two main buckets.

First is the challenge of deciding which conferences are worth attending. Conference information can be hard to find, and, once acquired, there is no way to see upcoming events in one place. Conference Explorer lets businesspeople pick the events that are most valuable to them by providing a searchable database of over 1,000 conferences by sector, location, and date.

The second challenge is developing a game plan after deciding which conferences to attend. Attendee lists can be closely guarded, so businesspeople hunt down attendees and research each one to decide who to target. This archaic process usually involves copying, pasting, searching, and evaluating companies across multiple browser tabs - a process that takes up to 10 hours per individual conference. Conference Explorer drastically reduces the time professionals spend researching companies and compiling target lists by putting relevant data all in one place.

By applying data science to automate the tedious labor of discovering new target accounts, gathering business intelligence on them, and identifying timely sales triggers for outbound efforts, DataFox removes inefficiencies inherent in the work of many sales, marketing, and research professionals. With data on over 1,000 conferences, Conference Explorer caters to businesspeople across all verticals.

Conference Explorer is designed to aid ABM efforts and help professionals save valuable time and resources by providing:

  • Personalized alerts when one or more of existing prospects will be at an upcoming conference
  • Conference comparison tools that display which prospects are going where, allowing professionals to prioritize which conferences to attend
  • Crowd-sourced, followable conference lists put together by other professionals in the same industry
  • Custom-built reporting using search and filters by company description, headcount, location, funding, etc. to quickly define and discover targets
  • CSV/Excel exports on conference and company data for personal analysis

And If a conference is missing from the database, our analysts populate missing data within 24 hours of a request. To schedule a 20-minute session with one of our analysts, email or call 415-969-2144.

Quotes & Commentary

"Today’s business has become increasingly reliant on conferences, especially given the emergence of account-based marketing,” said DataFox CEO Bastiaan Janmaat. “Businesspeople gain a big competitive advantage if they can navigate conference data with ease. Conference Explorer eliminates painful grunt work and helps surface prospects that users may have missed."

"Conferences are core to our business development efforts. We used to spend a ton of time and resources tracking them, figuring out who would attend, and, most importantly, segmenting conference participants by headcount, financing, and growth characteristics. DataFox has eliminated all of the grunt work we used to do so we now have more time to focus on higher level decision making."

- Jeffrey Koons, Vice President, Vista Point Partners

“DataFox helps me predict when prospects will need my services based on the growth metrics I care about. They automatically alert me to key growth indicators and allow me to set myself reminders of when to follow up with key accounts. It's a perfect blend of an automated data platform with a super lightweight CRM.”

- Greg Bennette, Associate, DTZ

“DataFox has greatly streamlined our outbound prospecting. Our SDRs can build lists of companies to reach out to in a fraction of the time, saving time for deeper research and leading to more meaningful conversations with the people we reach out to."

- Kyle Coleman, Director Sales Development, Looker

“DataFox has been instrumental in helping us discover, target, and engage the early-stage market for our platform development efforts.”

- Joel Bailon, Platform Team, Box

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