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DataFox Company Search

Learn how to find the most relevant companies with DataFox Company Search! In this short walkthrough, we create a list of companies with the following characteristics:

  1. Fashion companies;
  2. Involved with eCommerce; and
  3. Based in New York City.

The full list of 27 NYC Fashion Startups can be found here.

A few weeks ago in a related post - eCommerce vs. Fashion vs. Don’t Compete with Amazon - we explored the overlapping nature of certain industries and how defining companies by any one word is a thing of the past. Today companies operate in multiple industries, so we tag companies with multiple keywords (70,000 in total) and built a company search engine that finds the most relevant matches.

The slides are below, and if you'd like us to but together a list of relevant companies just tweet @datafoxco and we'll send something your way.