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DataFox CEO, Bastiaan Janmaat Talks Workplace AI With Bloomberg Radio

DataFox CEO, Bastiaan Janmaat discusses the power of CRM orchestration and workplace AI on Bloomberg Radio. For the full interview, subscribe to the DataFox podcast.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) guides us when are told how to optimize our route to get to work on time, and entertains us when it recommends the Pandora station you should listen to next. Yet, when it comes to the workplace, AI powered decision making and insight automation are woefully lacking.

In a recent interview with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg radio, DataFox CEO Bastiaan Janmaat discusses how he and his team plan to change the workplace.

The Problem Organizations Face: Data Silos and Disjointed Workflows

Companies have massive amounts of internal data to manage, but the current methods of data management are disjointed and require a lot of work to tie all of the systems together.

“In our jobs we're all still filling out reports and entering data into disparate systems,” explained Janmaat. “We are all wasting a lot of time on manual labor and grunt work.”

The Power of CRM Orchestration

DataFox CRM Orchestration platform connects the silos and disjointed workflows; helping marketing, sales and finance teams operate more efficiently and win more business.

“So, this isn't just leads…. This is: ‘here is a business event that’s happening that’s gonna trigger as a potential sale for you?”asked Johnson.

“We’re pioneering a fundamental shift ” explained Janmaat. “Going from static lead information to an intelligence solution that actually helps a company figure out what their ideal customer looks like, and where they can find more folks just like that.”

AI in the Workplace Helps Companies Prioritize

Focusing your team on the right opportunities enables organizations to focus where it matters — driving more business.

“AI is a massive area of investment for us, we're scaling our engineering team, our data science team, and we've seen the effect that it can have,“ said Janmaat. “Helping them prioritize which [accounts] to focus on, has lead to almost overnight 33% increase in revenues for some of our customers.”