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DataFox and Slack Bring A.I. to B2B Sales & Marketing Teams

DataFox Announces Partnership with Slack Fund

We’re witnessing a major change in how businesses consume the information they need to make decisions. Modern professionals expect to have critical information at their fingertips all the time.

Following the launch of DataFox for Slack last year, we saw first hand how quickly the platform was taking off. For our customers, it’s been a game-changer to receive information about companies they care about - customers, partners, competitors - the minute we uncover that information.

We’re excited to share the deepening of our partnership through the Slack Fund’s investment in DataFox. We’re big believers in Slack’s mission to change the way people work and its growing ecosystem of partners; this is a way for us to work even more closely to ensure critical business insights are delivered to the modern workforce.

Today, DataFox delivers company intelligence to more than 400 business teams on Slack. We believe A.I. is the next frontier for optimizing human working hours.


With DataFox company intelligence, sales & marketing teams on Slack can:

  • Get alerted to important company milestones
  • Effortlessly research prospective customers
  • Surface new opportunities that fit your criteria

We’re excited to have Slack’s support as we continue to expand the DataFox platform. For more information check out