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An Interactive Timeline of Twilio’s Road to IPO

On the eve of Twilio’s IPO, we take a look back at the communications startup’s development in the years leading up to its public offering.

Click through the following interactive timeline, which spans from Twilio’s 2009 seed round to 2015 unicorn to their 2016 IPO:

As you can see, the first hints of Twilio’s IPO first came all the way back in February 2015, when the company announced in a Wall Street Journal article that they had reached $100 million in revenue. That May, they closed a Series E round, earning a $1 billion valuation and entry into the unicorn club. And in the background, Twilio displayed dozens of indicators that it was a successful company growing fast, and increasingly ripe for an IPO. Since that WSJ piece, the company grew to 400 employees; logged 700,000 and then 900,000 users; and even launched its own nonprofit organization.

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Key milestones: