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7 Growing Companies In Crowded Video Advertising Space

Video advertising startup BrightRoll was acquired by Yahoo for $640 million Wednesday. Yahoo's acquisition of Brightroll followed a few months after Facebook's acquisition of LiveRail for $500 million in August.

7 Private Companies In Video Advertising

Digital video advertising is a crowded sector as both public tech companies and startups vie for nearly $5.96 billion in video advertising spending this year. Using DataFox, we compiled a list of the following 7 private companies in the digital video advertising space:

Teads is a leader in outstream advertising, which places video advertisements outside of the traditional video stream (i.e. within editorial content, pictures, and paywalls). Teads' partners include The Financial Times, Reuters, Slate, Conde Nast, Heart, The Guardian, Nikkei, Die Welt, and Le Monde.
Mixpo provides video advertising solutions for media companies and agencies, including ad verification and campaign performance segmented by DMA, audience, and mobile device.
Jivox is a multi-screen advertising technology platform re-inventing the interactive ads and content marketing experiences. The Jivox self-service platform enables publishers and agencies to automate and scale the process of building and serving interactive ads.
RockYou is a game publisher with an in-game video ad platform, enabling advertisers to reach engaged, demographically targeted consumers and allowing game developers to monetize their entire player base.
Innovid delivers advanced video advertising via Atom, Innovid's open, end-to-end video ad platform, giving agencies and brands the power to create, deliver, optimize and measure videos across all screens, regardless of media source.
Powered by a data set comprising 521 billion video views and analyzing 24 million shares per day, Unruly’s technology enables advertisers to algorithmically predict content shareability and programmatically target super-sharers across In-Page, In-Feed and In-Stream ad formats across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Vdopia is a mobile video and rich media advertising startup, offering the .VDO mobile video format, a proprietary technology to deliver mobile video around the world. Vdopia’s clients include Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, McDonald's, Intel, Microsoft, and Ford.