6 Moovit Competitors Simplifying Travel with Transportation Apps

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[vcrow][vccolumn width="1/1"][vccolumntext]Moovit, a real time app that allows public transportation riders to plan their trips, raised $50 million in funding this week. The latest funding round was led by Sequoia CapitalGemini Israel Funds, BRM Capital, Keolis, Vaizra InvestmentsBMW i Ventures, and Nokia Growth Partners

Moovit's features include letting users anonymously share their public transport vehicle location and speed. The Moovit app is available in more than 90 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Rome, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Tel Aviv.

6 Moovit Competitors in the Transportation App Space

Using DataFox, we compiled a list  of companies providing transportation solutions to simplify travel experiences:[/vccolumntext][vcrowinner][vccolumninner width="1/1"][vcemptyspace height="12px"][/vccolumninner][/vcrowinner][vcrowinner][vccolumninner width="1/6"][vcsingleimage image="7035" bordercolor="grey" imglinktarget="self" alignment="center"][/vccolumninner][vccolumninner width="5/6"][vccolumntext]

By combining transit data with live inputs from the crowd, Moovit gives commuters a complete real-time snapshot of what their trip, as well as suggestions for the fastest, most comfortable routes.

[/vccolumntext][/vccolumninner][/vcrowinner][vcrowinner][vccolumninner width="1/6"][vcsingleimage image="7040" bordercolor="grey" imglinktarget="self" alignment="center"][/vccolumninner][vccolumninner width="5/6"][vccolumntext]Gogobot leverages social data to facilitate trip planning. By letting the service know their interests, Gogobot aims to provide personalized recommendations for nearby places and events.

[/vccolumntext][/vccolumninner][/vcrowinner][vcrowinner][vccolumninner width="1/6"][vcsingleimage image="7044" bordercolor="grey" imglinktarget="self" alignment="center"][/vccolumninner][vccolumninner width="5/6"][vccolumntext]GoEuro is a multi-mode search engine that compares and combines air, bus, trains, and car rental options for destinations to and from Europe. Users enter their start point and destination, and GoEuro calculates suggested routes and prices.

[/vccolumntext][/vccolumninner][/vcrowinner][vcrowinner][vccolumninner width="1/6"][vcsingleimage image="7046" bordercolor="grey" imglinktarget="self" alignment="center"][/vccolumninner][vccolumninner width="5/6"][vccolumntext] Travellution is a web and mobile platform that helps users plan and book trips with friends, family, co-workers, etc. It connects users who are going  to the same destination at the same time by providing a social platform that allows them to interact each other, organize their trips together and find the solutions for their needs.

  • DataFox Score: 901
  • Location: Paris-l'hopital FRA
  • Total Funding: $535 thousand
  • Recent Funding: $399.2 thousand in September 2012
  • Investors: Angel

[/vccolumntext][/vccolumninner][/vcrowinner][vcrowinner][vccolumninner width="1/6"][vcsingleimage image="7036" bordercolor="grey" imglinktarget="self" alignment="center"][/vccolumninner][vccolumninner width="5/6"][vccolumntext]

Citymapper Limited develops mobile applications for Android and iOS users. It raised $10 million in funding in April 2014. The app was originally launched to help Londoners navigate the city's bus network. It is now offered in New York and Berlin among other cities.

[/vccolumntext][/vccolumninner][/vcrowinner][vcrowinner][vccolumninner width="1/6"][vcsingleimage image="7061" bordercolor="grey" imglinktarget="self" alignment="center"][/vccolumninner][vccolumninner width="5/6"][vccolumntext]Go2it's web application integrates planning tools that allow users to plan trips, events and figure out costs. Its features include allowing users to personalize event invitations with video messages; create money pools for trips and events ahead of time; and share photos and videos from trips and events on social networks.

  • DataFox Score: 852
  • Location: San Franciso, CA

[/vccolumntext][/vccolumninner][/vcrowinner][vcrowinner][vccolumninner width="1/6"][vcsingleimage image="7042" bordercolor="grey" imglinktarget="self" alignment="center"][/vccolumninner][vccolumninner width="5/6"][vccolumntext]fromAtoB, through an algorithm, allows users of its service to compare costs and trip times of transport types like train, flight, car, carpool, long distance bus, rental car or taxi. Users are shown the exact prices, as well as all other information about the journey.

  • Location: Munich, Bayern DEU
  • Total Funding: Not disclosed
  • Recent Funding: Undisclosed amount in November 2013
  • Investors: Seventure Partners