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50 Chinese Startups That Should Be On US Investors' Radars

Are US investors ignoring ripe startups in China? Sir Michael Moritz, the chairman of Sequoia Capital, predicted in an interview with the The Times of London that a bunch of Silicon Valley bubble will soon burst and many young, private technology companies will disappear in the coming years:

There are a whole bunch of crazy little companies that will disappear. There are a considerable number of unicorns that will become extinct.

Moritz argued that the investor dollars flowing into Silicon Valley could be better allocated to other locations around the world, including China.

50 Chinese Startups That Should Be On Investors' Radars

At DataFox, we have curated a public list of 50 Chinese Startups that investors may be unaware of but will likely raise funds in the coming year:

50 Chinese Startups

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