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4 Companies Connecting Patients With Clinical Trials

myTomorrows raised $5.61 million in funding this week in a round led by VC Balderton Capital and Sofinnova Partners. myTomorrows is developing an online platform to connect patients with innovative drugs and treatments currently in clinical trials.

In February, myTomorrows' CFO Erdem Yavuz said myTomorrows had "no competitors," explaining there were no other companies creating such an online platform. While there may not be another company replicating myTomorrows' model, multiple companies are finding ways to connect patients with innovative drugs in clinical trials.

4 Companies Connecting Patients With Treatments In Clinical Trials

Using DataFox, we identified five companies, including myTomorrows, that connect patients with drugs and treatments still under development across the globe.
myTomorrows is a Dutch startup disrupting the way patients with unmet medical needs access development-stage treatments — drugs still undergoing clinical trials and working their way through lengthy regulatory approval processes.
TrialX is developing novel, proprietary technologies enabling patients to find and learn about clinical trials that match their health conditions and that connect with the trial investigators effortlessly using a unique web-messaging platform.
ePatientFinder uses analytics to connect patients with cutting-edge treatments which recently approved by the FDA or still in clinical trials. ePatientFinder has a network of primary care and specialty physicians who use ePatientFinder's web application to discover and discuss novel treatment options.
goBalto is a venture-backed group of industry veterans creating simple, focused software for the global drug trial industry. goBalto's products offer drug trial sponsors and clinical research organizations fast and easy ways to start clinical studies on the web.